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Residential Refrigerator Installation Contractor Expert Tips


There is no doubt that every home needs a refrigerator. It is where we store our food to keep it fresh. Whether your current fridge stopped working as it should be or you transfer to another home without a fridge, you should consider investing in a new one. An expert advice from a residential refrigerator installation contractor on how to choose a fridge that suits best in your home could be very helpful. Here are two important things to get you started:


Pick a Style

With so many style options and prices available in the market today, buying a new fridge is no easy decision. Before heading to an appliance store, you must have a clear idea of what style would you want. Here are some of the choices you have;


Top Freezer – A traditional refrigerator, that is good for plenty of storage in a tight spot. It offers more space compared to its size.

Bottom Freezer – Since most homeowners use their freezers less compared to shelves, they would opt for bottom freezers. This option makes your fridge shelves easy to scan.

French Door – Another option is a fridge with a French door. It has two narrow doors on top and the freezer below.

If you fail to decide what you would like before heading to a store, chances are you will get overwhelmed with the sales agent suggestions and would just buy what they recommend.


Measure the Area Where You Want to Put Your Fridge

Measure the area that will accommodate the refrigerator. While you are shopping, find out the height, width, and depth of any units you’re considering. Check before you buy to ensure that it will fit in the space you plan to install the fridge. For air to circulate, do not forget to allow a few inches above and behind the fridge. You should also make sure that there is enough room for refrigerator doors to swing open. For best installation results, you should hire an affordable refrigeration service contractor for the job.


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