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Indications That Your Company Needs a Commercial Refrigerator Replacement Service


Refrigeration systems are one of the building blocks of businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, and coffee shops. As a business owner, you need to understand how essential commercial refrigerators are for your company. While it’s easy to keep your chillers and freezers in full working condition, there are times you forget to check when you need to replace your fridge. You can contact a commercial refrigerator replacement service provider for new ones. But before that, here are some key factors why you need a replacement:

When your refrigerator is too old

Refrigerators that have been loyal to your company for more than ten years is cool but these machines won’t get any cooler beyond that. An old fridge can be outdated with the standards of a refrigeration system, therefore, these should be replaced immediately. Another reason is that old fridge is common with repairs and they aren’t that efficient like they used to back in the days. They are also fragile and can break down anytime. It may also consume a lot of energy, too! These can be the collapse of your whole business. Get them replaced by taking advantage of a commercial refrigerator replacement service.


When your freezers have the trouble of maintaining a freezing point

A freezer or a chiller is in full working condition if they can reach desired temperature levels to keep your provisions and products fresh and safe. Fluctuations in temperature levels are caused by a faulty sealing system. Your fridge may have a damaged door or faulty panel joints. This will lead cold air coming out from the chiller and leaving an increasing demand for energy. Reliable refrigeration is not only keeping your perishable goods safe but also conserving energy.


When your chiller starts to malfunction randomly and you hear clicking noises

Weird sounds from your chiller is an indication that there’s something wrong with it. Your compressor unit might be faulty. You can perform basic troubleshooting steps such as inspecting the refrigerator fan and the thermostat. Once done and the symptoms still persist, have them replaced right away to avoid costly repairs.


Know when to replace your refrigerator to conserve energy. Contact a commercial refrigerator replacement service provider like Refrigerator Doctor of Philadelphia in Northeast Philadelphia, PA. If you’re around the area, call (215) 631-8103 to know more about affordable refrigeration services.