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Expert Guide Steps You Should Take During The Refrigerator Installation

Buying a new fridge for your kitchen is a great way to improve its appeal and avoiding spoiled food. Yet, it can be quite a hassles when it comes to the refrigerator installation as such appliances are quite heavy and bulky. There are certain steps and tricks which can help in making the task easier. There are also certain errors you should avoid to prevent damage. Here are some of the steps you should take during the DIY installation of the new refrigerator.

Remove the doors and move to the kitchen

One of the most hassling parts is moving the appliance to the kitchen. This stems from the amount of damage which can occur when passing through doors and up flights of stairs. There is a certain residential refrigerator installation contractor trick you can use to make the task easier. Most models available on the market have removable doors attached with bolts. Remove these bolts in the sequence recommended in the manual. Once this step is complete, use a dolly to move the appliance to the kitchen. Be mindful not to damage it when moving it.

Mind the gap and slide the appliance

Before you place your new appliance double check the height, width, and depth of the gap where the fridge will be. Make sure there is enough space between the coil and the wall. The recommended gap for residential refrigerator models is about 2 inches. Once you have verified the dimensions of the area, prepare the area. Slide behind the appliance and remove all filth before attaching the lines. Next, slide the fridge in. For the task, lift the front legs using a dolly and carefully slide it into place. Be mindful not to damage the floor or catch any cables. Make sure there is enough space on both sides and behind to avoid damage.

There are several steps to the DIY installation of the new fridge in your kitchen. These include removing the doors and using a dolly to move it to the room. Also, mind the gap when sliding the appliance into place as lack of space can lead to premature repairs. If you would like to learn more, contact a residential refrigerator installation contractor. An example of one such provider is Refrigerator Doctor of Philadelphia in Northeast Philadelphia, PA.